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Testimony of Beretta to the State of Maryland


Second AmendmentRecently, Maryland Governor Maryin O'Malley presented Senate Bill 281 to the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee. This Bill, which you can read here in its entirety, includes, among other things, a ban on the transport, sale, purchase, transfer or possession of certain commonly owned semi-automatic centerfire rifles, a ban on any magazine containing more than 10 rounds, and a required state permit for the purchase, rental or possession of a handgun.

On Fabruary 6, the Maryland Legislature held a hearing on this Bill. The hearing was attended by what some estimates put at over 1,000 people, who voiced their disagreement with the Bill.

Beretta addressed the Legislature, during this hearing, in a testimony by Beretta USA Corp. General Counsel, Jeff Reh. Though Mr. Reh's testimony was capped at four minutes, the entire written testimony was introduced formally.

As a service to our readers, followers, fans and Second Amendment supporters, I have asked Mr. Reh to provide us with the complete document. 

You can read Beretta's complete Testimony here.

Beretta continues to be committed to the safeguard of law-abiding citizens and to their Second Amendment Constitutional rights. 

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This post and its contents are the views and opinions of the author only, and do not necessarily represent Beretta.


Excellent points, all. I wish you had flat out stated that you'd pull out of MD if they pass these bills into law. As a MD resident, I do not consent to becoming a "subject" of the State of MD. I will instead become a citizen of PA.
Posted @ Thursday, February 07, 2013 3:45 PM by LJ Kirk
I believe the 2nd Amendment is the shortest written Amendment in the Bill of Rights! It was written this way for a reason. The foresight of our forefathers was exactly that, foresight! Not a mistake or a lightly hearted off the cuff end of a long hard day statement! "The right of the People to keep and bear arms shall NOT be infringed"! This is NOT up for debate or even needs clarification! The Politicians supporting any kind of anti gun measures are in direct violation of their oath of office and we as Americans should be calling for their immediate resignations and charges filed against them for violation of that oath and in some cases even charged with treason! Diane Fienstein, and the like, I hope your hypocrisy finally meets it's just end! Now having said this I want you to know that, for the most part, I tend to lean very liberal in my political beliefs! However, I have enough common sense as an American citizen to know that the 2nd Amendment is the glue that holds it all together! Those of you who do not share this ideology I am here to tell you right now to get your head out of the clouds, out of the sand, or place both feet on each side of your buttocks and push firmly to remove it from which it has firmly been planted! The passage of the Patriot Act has already left the most sour of tastes in my mouth, courtesy of our Republican monarchs and Democrat Idiots that supported this bill! Folks I'm trying to plead with you and warn you now to lose your Political Pride and find your American Pride and start holding these Politicians feet to the fire! I believe it is time for all of us to demand a repeal of the Patriot Act and start demanding that charges be filed and impeachments start taking place to remove these Corporate puppets and hypocrites from office! I have no problem with background checks or even weapons training classes to make sure the persons keeping and bearing these weapons are emotionally and mentally stable to do so providing it does not infringe on anybody to exercise their 2nd Amendment right that is legal to do so! Meaning it should be made affordable and accessible for all American citizens who wish to exercise their right! Folks this President wants the right to decide on his own what American citizens he can attack with his drones without due process! The 4th Amendment has been made to mean nothing due to the Patriot Act! If this is not enough to make you at least raise an eyebrow and think then I sure hope you enjoy your view from behind the likes of 20ft tall fences and barbwire! It's time to put an end to this people! Wake up and realize that even Americans can be evil! As evil as it it gets!
Posted @ Thursday, February 07, 2013 7:25 PM by Bobby Dale Harris
I have been saying the same for months until the crime rate bites them in the butt they wont wake up.Until it cost them more lives like Georgia when crime got so bad then they will be crying for a gun. 
Posted @ Saturday, February 09, 2013 10:39 AM by Rick DeLay
We the People are granted by God the right to protect and defend our families, property and selves from danger and violence. The majority of us are law abiding everyday citizens. We are your doctors, lawyers, mechanics, p,umbels, engineers, teachers and neighbors. We are no different than anybody else with the exception of exercising our right to bare arms. The majority should not suffer because of a few maniacs and mentally ill people.
Posted @ Saturday, February 09, 2013 10:40 AM by Frederick Van Bergen
Thank you Beretta USA Corp and thank you Mr Rey for your testimony. Well done.
Posted @ Saturday, February 09, 2013 12:22 PM by Steven W. Depoy
My sincere apology Mr Reh for misspelling your name in my post. 
Posted @ Saturday, February 09, 2013 12:41 PM by Steven W. Depoy
Thank you Mr. Reh for your testimony to the MD legislative body and to the State of MD. Sir I have been a fan of Beretta for many years and use many of your products for sporting clays and target shooting. Mr. Reh the State of Texas will welcome you and Beretta with open arms.
Posted @ Saturday, February 09, 2013 3:48 PM by Darrell Norris
I applaud Mr. Reh and the Beretta family on their position during this critical time. I only wish I could persuade them to relocate to Highland Co., Ohio where our economy was desimated by DHL.
Posted @ Saturday, February 09, 2013 4:12 PM by Phillip Darnell
I urge any and all gun and gun related businesses seeking a more friendly atmosphere to please move to Wyoming. We are the most business friendly, gun knowledgeable, and gun friendly state.
Posted @ Saturday, February 09, 2013 4:17 PM by Tom Garrett
All of these mild-mannered protestations are intelligently crafted, but will get us nowhere. Until the uber liberals in this state understand that the 2nd Amendment Right is inviolate and that we Americans intend to keep it, even restore it to its proper place, they will continue to use every excuse to destroy it. Liberals think that the 2nd Amendment is a disease that we have to be inoculated against. Actually, it is the cure for the coming ailment: tyranny. The correct response to the O'Malley government is NOT to leave the state, but to stay here and fight them with every ounce of our intelligence, strength and will. Only then will they begin to understand the depth of our commitment to freedoms allowed us by God. Stand up Marylanders, be counted as men not sheep following false gods before thee. Fight now and forever against the one-party tyranny we now face in Maryland, soon to be the rest of this country if we stand silent and idle. Our freedom is in our hands, to enjoy and bequeath to our heirs as we have for over 2 centuries. Let's not be the first generation to neglect that obligation to our children and grand children!
Posted @ Sunday, February 10, 2013 9:05 AM by Jerry L Rivas
Have you read the bill Jerry? Faiure to register and license a banned weapon will be a felony offense with a mandatory 5 year sentence. No general digs in and attempts to fight an enemy of overwhelming numbers. Maryland is lost. If not this year, then next, or the one after that. The courts will overturn individual laws, after years of litigation, but they can endlessly pass the laws and have all the de facto control they desire. Marylanders will never acquire carry rights, large magazines, or so-called assault weapons. The cause is lost. Move on and fight for and protect the states where there is a chance of holding ground. I wish you the best. I do not leave Maryland happily ... I have lived here all my many years, and love the rolling hills, the quirky people, and mostly, FiOS (truth be told). But I won't yield to their rule, and I won't jeopardize my future by staying.
Posted @ Sunday, February 10, 2013 10:24 AM by LJ Kirk
I urge Beretta to vote with their feet and leave The Peoples Republic of Maryland. There are still some free states who are not anti American who would love the jobs and taxes you would bring.  
For those living in MD, find a way to relocate to a free state. Your votes will never count in that government welfare state, a state who makes you pay for free college tuition to Illegal Aliens!
Posted @ Sunday, February 17, 2013 5:29 PM by Doug B.
It seems the Governor's draconian, anti 2ND Amendment bill has passed out of committee and will be sent to the Maryland Senate. I hope that the bill will fail but if it should pass I invite Beretta USA to join me in moving to a state that values the US Constitution and my money in the form of taxes. Pennsylvania for instance.
Posted @ Friday, February 22, 2013 4:04 PM by Roger Shenkle
If Beretta is serious about leaving Maryland,there is an excellent potential relocation site in Norfolk,Virginia,not all that far a move.Virginia is very gun friendly,and quite unlikely to change.The Ford plant in Norfolk closed a couple of years ago,and is sitting idle.Ford has agreed to pay all environmental cleanup costs,and the plant is large,perfect for an expanding company,next to rail transport,and the area is full of military and ex-military who use Beretta products.This plant might be a very good match for Beretta'a needs.Many of the current employees might even be willing to move,since Virginia and Maryland are neighboring states,minimizing the disruption to the families of valued current employees.For those positions to be filled locally,there are quite a few machinists and other technically skilled workers due to the wax and wane of shipyard work in the area.It would be worth a look,possibly quite advantageous to Beretta and the local economy.
Posted @ Monday, February 25, 2013 11:29 AM by terry albertson
Since Maryland obviously is not in tune with firearms, I humbly suggest you move your production/distribution facilities down here to the firearm friendly state of Texas! We do not have a state income tax. Land is plentiful and reasonably priced Overall, Texas has a nice climate. You can find whatever you want here, whether it's mountains, rolling hills, prairie, desert or salt-water coastline! Come on down, y'all!
Posted @ Sunday, March 03, 2013 3:06 PM by Bill Carter
It’s getting very difficult to live in Maryland. A handgun was never used in mass murders. However, Maryland legislators have decided to make it so difficult and expensive to own a handgun-most folks will not buy them. Moreover, it does absolutely nothing to stop crime-but hinders lawful ownership of handguns for sporting and self-defense. Not to mention the waiting period! 
I will have to pay $ 65.00 to be fingerprinted; I have to purchase a special locking device $ 30.00; the average hand gun is $500.00; however, its more in Maryland because of the required ballistics test-which has only resulted in solving one crime. Now let’s add this up: 
Gun: $500.00 
Tax: $30.00 
Fingerprints: 65.00 
Handgun Safety course $300 
Handgun locking device: $30.00 
Cost: approximately $925.00  
Now, my questions are: will Maryland honor my handgun training as a previous law enforcement officer? Will they honor my Maryland State Police Handgun permit for handgun purchases or will I have to now be fingerprinted each and every time I buy a handgun? Will I be able to carry my Glock .40 cal. 12 round magazine Maryland state police registered gun with me?  
Mr. O'Malley, these are questions that a lot of people are asking. Now, I feel like a second class citizen in my state. I grew-up with fire arms and spent thousands of hours in Maryland at sporting events-now my state has made it all most impossible for me to afford a hobby that I love; not to mention my right to self-defense as a citizen and former police officer.  
In closing, please be mindful a handgun was not use to mass murder of anyone; you still can go in a department store and buy a high power rifle in Maryland and walk out with it. Mr. O’Malley has an agenda-and it’s to hurt legal gun ownership and rural Marylanders with his septic taxes-now the gun ownership will be so costly and regulated out of existence. I sure Beretta will now move out of Maryland taking many good paying jobs with it. I feel I have absolutely no say or rights in my home state. I am now treated like a criminal for being a sportsman and a gun owner. However, illegal aliens can march into motor vehicle and secure a drivers/identification without hindrance-not to mention all the taxes I pay to provide social services for them. What a State Maryland has become! 
Posted @ Thursday, April 04, 2013 9:09 AM by glenn kresge
If you are serious, I know Alabama would welcome the Beretta with open arms!
Posted @ Thursday, April 11, 2013 10:47 AM by Mike Welborn
Contrary to what Mr. Kresge claimed, handguns have been used in a number of the school shootings and spree killings over the years. For example, Kip Kinkel used two handguns to murder his parents and then shoot more people, killing two, at Thurston High School in Oregon. Jared Loughner used a Glock 19 to shoot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and 12 others in Tucson, Arizona. A federal judge and a little girl were among those killed by Loughner. 
However, the general theme or Mr. Kresge's remarks is quite accurate. While the crimes are horrific, they are committed by a vanishingly small number of people: less than 100 in the past century. There were 12 shooters in 2012, an unusual number, but not even a rounding error in a population of 312 million. 
Yet for the transgressions of this infinitesimal group, tens of millions of Americans will be penalized by new regulations. Making matters even more absurd is the fact these new laws will do absolutely nothing to prevent another Sandy Hook, Aurora or Columbine. 
By the time Adam Lanza arrived at Sandy Hook Elementary, he had already committed a minimum of four felonies including the capital felony of murder. Lanza didn't buy the guns he used: he stole them from his mother, first using one to put four bullets into her head. Lanza was already facing 31 years in prison under Connecticut's minimum sentencing guidelines. 
To see a blatant failure of this type of legislation, lawmakers need only look at Washington, D.C., and Chicago, cities known for both tight gun controls and high homicide rates. they can (and do) make excuses, but the facts are there. 
I own or have owned five Beretta semi-automatic firearms, all of which would be forbidden due to high-capacity magazines and two of which were specifically mentioned in Senator Feinstein's list of weapons to be prohibited for civilian sale. To my knowledge, a Beretta CX-4 has never been used in a mass killing of any sort and any Beretta is a rarity.  
Yet Beretta is to be penalized. This isn't "common sense" as the control advocates claim, this is sheer and utter nonsense. 
I am proud to be an owner of fine Beretta firearms and I plan to be a Beretta customer for the rest of my life.
Posted @ Monday, April 22, 2013 10:40 PM by Bill Cawthon
Relocate to the conservative State of Texas which has the largest NSCA community in the United States.
Posted @ Tuesday, May 07, 2013 3:42 PM by JES
Thank you Mr. Cawthon for the correction; however, I was speaking about the state Maryland. I can not recall an incident in Maryland where a handgun was used to commit mass murder. We are concern with Maryland law outlawing handgun ownership. The Mike Miller gang along with O'Malley have use these events to ban firearms; One law at a time, and we let them do it.
Posted @ Tuesday, May 28, 2013 8:58 AM by glenn Kresge
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